No. 466

763.11/12–3150: Telegram

The United States High Commissioner for Austria ( Donnelly) to the Secretary of State


1328. As chairman of AC for coming month I proposed today to General Tsinev and my British and French colleagues that the following message in form of AC resolution be transmitted to Austrian Government:

“The Allied Council desires to express to the Federal Chancellor, and through him to his government and the people of Austria its sincere condolences on the loss of the President of the Republic of Austria, Dr. Karl Renner.2

In recognition of President Renner’s manifest contribution to the restoration of Austrian democracy, the Allied Council on this sorrowful occasion renders solemn tribute to the memory of this distinguished statesman, and conveys its deep sympathy to the Austrian people for whom he devoted an unselfish lifetime of service.”

British and French agreed but first sentence only acceptable to General Tsinev who objected to second sentence on grounds that it represented political evaluation which was not proper for the AC. He was agreeable to wreath being sent on behalf all four High Commissioners.

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Informed that west High Commissioners proposed to pay individual calls tomorrow to express condolences, General Tsinev requested that he be also notified of place and time.

  1. Renner, President of Austria since 1945, had died earlier that day.