No. 335


Memorandum of Conversation, by the Deputy Director of the Office of Western European Affairs (Williamson)1


Subject: The Italian Peace Treaty

Participants: Mr. Francfort, French Embassy
Mr. K.D. Jamieson, British Embassy
Mr. Francis T. WilliamsonWE
Mr. Howard J. Hilton, Jr.—WE
Mr. Vincent Baker—UNP
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I reviewed with Mr. Francfort and Mr. Jamieson the substance of telegrams exchanged between the Department and the U.S. Delegation to the United Nations and the Embassy at Rome regarding the timing of the presentation of the Italian note and of the consideration in the Security Council of Italian membership in the United Nations. I pointed out that we were concerned over the possibility that Italian membership might be considered by the Security Council prior to the presentation of the Italian note. This in our opinion would be most unfortunate.

Both Mr. Francfort and Mr. Jamieson agreed that this would be unfortunate. They expressed the thought that it might be helpful if another approach would be made to the Italian Government in Rome urging that the presentation of the note be expedited. They said that they would suggest to their respective foreign offices that appropriate instructions along this line be sent to their Embassies at Rome. I said that for our part we would again take this matter up with Mr. Luciolli.2

I also mentioned that we would request our Delegation to the United Nations to review this matter with their British and French colleagues and that we would seek to obtain a delay in consideration of Italian membership by the Security Council until the Italian notes had been presented. It was agreed that a concerted approach on this matter would not be desirable, that the United States accordingly would take the lead, and that the British and French Delegations would support this action where appropriate.

Francis T. Williamson
  1. Drafted by Hilton on December 6.
  2. A memorandum of Williamson’s conversation with Luciolli on December 4 is in file 665.001/12–451.