No. 334

665.001/11–3051: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Italy 1

secret niact

2522. ReDeptel Rome 2406 Nov 23 rptd Paris and London unnbrd.2 Dept has tried unsuccessfully expedite presentation Ital Note on Peace Treaty which is now sched for Dec 12. In view primary importance taking action eliminate restrictions in mil provisions [Page 746] Italy Peace Treaty, SC consideration Ital membership shld take place after presentation Ital Note. Once Note is presented procedure will have been initiated which can presumably be completed as planned.

If, however, Sovs were not to veto Ital membership and were to emphasize Ital obligation under Peace Treaty particularly Art 46, prior to presentation Ital Note, then possibility exists that Ital Note might not be presented. This wld delay, and might prevent, action on milit provisions and thus jeopardize NATO def program.

Dept therefore believes effort shld be made expedite Ital Note so that SC consideration Ital membership will follow presentation Note. Dept desires discuss this with reps Brit and Fr Embs but before doing so request comments US Del and Emb Rome. If this course supported by Brit and Fr believe Itals might be told and requested expedite presentation Note.

Dept recognizes obvious difficulties in securing delay SC action on Ital membership this stage and inconsistency US position in condoning delay after previous leadership in urging immed action.

Dept also recognizes chances of securing Ital membership might be jeopardized if momentum were lost by delay in SC action. Aware of need for early action so that treatment Ital as special case wld be concluded prior to consideration gen question membership Comite I.

Dept therefore requests GA Del comments on procedures which might be adopted assure that SC consideration will fol presentation Ital Note.

  1. Drafted by Hilton and cleared with Greene, Williamson, and Bonbright; repeated niact to Paris and London.
  2. Telegram 2406 explained efforts by the Department of State to convince the Italians to release their note as soon as possible. (665.001/11–2351)