ECA message files, lot 53 A 278, box 32, Paris Repto: Telegram

The Acting United States Special Representative in Europe (Porter) to the Acting Administrator for Economic Cooperation (Bissell)1


Repto 5697. USDel TCC 41.

1. In meeting today special Ger group discussed problems referred to in Repto 5680 to Wash.2

2. Special group agreed meet next Tuesday, at which time Fr stated intend offer new proposal.

3. Text agreed memo confirming actions taken in EB meeting 13th fols:

Verbatim text: At the meeting which took place in Paris on Nov 13 between the executive bureau of the TCC of NATO, the chairman of the Paris Conf on the Eur Defense Community, reps of SHAPE the Tripartite Group on Germany, and the Allied High Commission for Germany, it was agreed:

The Paris conf, with the assistance of SHAPE will prepare as soon as possible and furnish to the executive bureau a statement of the major equipment requirements for the German contingents to be furnished to the Eur defense force.
The High Commission will study, in consultation with the Fed Republic, the extent to which major mil equipment cld be produced by the German economy by mid-1954. After this study has been made in consultation with the Fed Republic, the High Comm shld determine what portion of the production wld not be possible in the light of the agreed position of the three powers on security safeguards.
SHAPE, in consultation with the Paris conf, will furnish the High Commission with the infrastructure requirements in Germany and furnish copies to the executive bureau. The High Commission will study, in consultation with the Allied mil authorities in Germany and, as appropriate, with the Fed Republic, the extent to which these requirements cld be met from present or presently projected installations, the extent to which the remaining requirements cld be met from German resources (and the cost thereof) and the extent to which it wld be necessary to obtain equipment for infrastructure from outside sources.
The High Comm, in consultation to the extent it considers desirable with the Fed Republic, will study the effect on the German balance of payments of production and other major economic consequences of the goods which its studies under paras 1 and 2 indicate cld be produced in Germany.
The High Commission will submit its reports to the three powers and furnish copies to the chairman of the Paris conf and to SHAPE. The reports shld be submitted not later than Dec 31. A preliminary progress report containing such rough [Page 1669] estimates of magnitude as are then available shld be made by Nov 30, copies of which shld be furnished to the executive bureau of the TCC. The separate report envisaged in para 1(b) will be submitted only to reps of the three powers.
The chairman of the Paris conf will furnish the executive bureau as soon as possible with a note on the German legislative measures which will be necessary to give effect to the Eur treaty and begin effective raising of German contingents.3

  1. Repeated to London for Spofford and the U.S. delegation at the talks concerning a German financial contribution, and to Bonn for McCloy.
  2. Supra.
  3. This memorandum with minor textual changes was circulated as Temporary Council Committee (TCC) document EB–D/44.