740.5/11–351: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in France 1

secret   priority

2656. For Ambassador pass TCC and OSR for info. Re Embtel 2544 Oct 31 rptd London 640, Fkft 319.2 Dept gratified that Fr officials concerned apparently now willing insure Lon talks can deal with issues whose settlement is neces if we are to proceed in Bonn discussions with Gers and that if any new hitches develop you believe it will be possible to persuade Schuman to straighten them out promptly.

As stated Deptel 2403,3 the basis of our view is the problem of timing. In San Francisco 4 and Wash Schuman agreed that working out details EDC and establishment its institutions wld not delay recruiting Gers. Our support EDC has been specifically conditioned on its being workable and quick means obtaining Ger military participation in Western def.

To obtain rapid participation the arrangements made must facilitate recruiting, training and equipping of Gers and must help us to negotiate contractual arrangements with them quickly. We therefore consider that agreement on principle of a common budget, if it can be reached in EDF Conf, shld mark end of this stage of working out of EDC. While work on development and actual estab of common budget, and agmt on just what expenditures shld be covered by it, about which we are far from certain at this time, can go forward in the conference, and if it progresses rapidly enough may permit functioning of common budget early in operation of EDC, the Fr must agree to carry on with recruiting, training and supplying of Gers as quickly as possible pending coming into effect of common budget.

This means that they must cooperate fully in working out in Lon of negotiating position on an interim solution which provides for Ger support of Ger troops and Allied troops for presentation to Gers by HICOM at earliest opportunity so that entire range of issues involved in contractual relations can be discussed and worked out with FedRep.

This position, search of Departmental papers and check of recollection of officers here confirms, was basis Secs discussions with Schuman. It remains our view after consideration most recent proposals Fr and suggestions urtel.

(London for delivery to Reinstein before 11:00 a. m. Nov. 4. Bonn for delivery to McCloy before 11:00 a. m. Nov. 4.)

  1. This telegram was drafted by Jacobs; cleared with Calhoun and Barnard; and repeated to London, Frankfurt, and Bonn.
  2. Ante, p. 1660.
  3. Dated October 24, p. 1659.
  4. For documentation on the conference at San Francisco, September 4–8, for the signing of a Treaty of Peace with Japan, see vol. vi, Part 1, pp. 777 ff.