762A.5/10–2151: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in France 1

secret   priority

2403. For the Ambassador.

1. Re your 2300 Oct 192 and London’s 1995, rptd Paris 8173 and London’s 1996, rptd Paris 818.4 Dept’s planning and instructions to McCloy and USDel London Ger fin based Schuman’s assurances Secy referred to Deptel 2270.5

2. As stated London’s 1995 and 1996 we require an interim solution of problem of Ger fin contribution to defense if we are to proceed with Bonn discussions and bring any unresolved issues with Gers for resolution by FonMins prior to Rome mtg. In our view Fr in agreeing to arrangements for discussions with Gers also committed themselves to an interim solution of fin problems. An operating common budget, as distinguished from a decision in principle to have one, will take far longer to develop and put into operation than present, or any other reasonable time schedule, permits. This view strengthened by fact (Embtel 2329 Oct 216) Fr ideas still informal and not yet broached EDF conference.

3. Interim solution wld be revised to meet needs EDC. The EDF discussions have reached decisions in principle on a number of issues without working out details and on others have agreed to permit SHAPE and Gen Eisenhower either to make final decisions or to direct EDF operations in a transitional period in lieu of estab EDC institution or appointment responsible official. It seems to us neces that in fin matters an analogous procedure be followed.

4. Pls discuss this problem with Schuman, indicating to him incompatibility of position Fr have recently taken with our agreed time sched and his understanding with Secy and Morrison. Pls ask him to agree to go forward on the basis outlined by our del in London, making it clear to him, as stated Para 4 of London’s 1996 and in London’s [Page 1660] 18287 to Dept, rptd Paris 714, that interim solution wld not prejudice EDC but is essential in order to avoid delay which wld hamstring Bonn discussions and seriously prejudice possibility early Ger contribution to defense along lines FonMins agreed.

  1. This telegram, which was repeated to London and Frankfurt, was drafted by Jacobs of the Office of German Economic Affairs, and was cleared by Hillenbrand of the Office of German Political Affairs, Barnard of the Office of European Regional Affairs, Director of German Affairs Byroade, and by ECA.
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