740.5/5–351: Telegram

The United States Deputy Representative on the North Atlantic Council (Spofford) to the Secretary of State 1


Depto 880. USDep for ISAC. ToISA.

1. We are currently studying how US leadership can best be exerted in CD in coming weeks and months to help secure national action necessary to effective and most expeditious attainment MTDP goals.

2. Action we visualize here initially is presentation by chairman to CD of limited available NATO info and NATO problems in attempting to measure most serious shortfalls as of present time or estimates of future shortfalls, followed by CD consideration as rapidly as practicable of causes of shortfalls and bottlenecks and measures necessary to overcome them. In this process, central element will be presentation facts on specific deficiencies as of now (at any given time) plus concrete present indications of anticipated deficiencies in raising, training, equipping, etc., time-phased DC–28 country commitments, with data on reductions in MTDP requirements and progress of gap-closing commitments naturally having substantial bearing. US info not available for use in CD cld be used as back-up material for use by US in bilateral discussions with countries concerned. Beginning next week, will seek lay groundwork by series presentations indicating deficiencies both in info available and in progress of country defense efforts.

3. Recognize that we will quickly run into areas where info from NATO sources is inadequate and where there will be question as to appropriateness use of US info. Also recognize desirability not cutting across present studies (e.g., WG of 12 burden-sharing review, SG survey of possible recommendations for additional forces to close forces gap, SHAPE evaluation of quality of forces and training programs, and US review of gap disclosed by costing exercise). At same time, feel we shld maintain constant pressure for corrective action even though basic facts not refined and positions not perfected. Accordingly, hope we can be kept currently instructed and informed to maximum [Page 154] extent. Will also request your assistance from time to time on specific gaps in background or questions as to use of US eyes only info.

4. In particular, urge that results of revised SG costing exercise be made available soonest to give NATO order of magnitude of the task ahead. Appreciate reasons for delay, and are aware your efforts develop this exercise in form that can be presented other countries, but until this info available it will be very difficult to urge other countries to submit additional info on present performance and prospects on mtg MTDP goals.

5. JAMAG concurs.

  1. Repeated to Paris, to Frankfurt, and to Heidelberg for Handy.