740.5/4–1451: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Deputy Representative on the North Atlantic Council (Spofford), at London1


Todep 384. Fol State ECA comments on Depto 7802 re FEB Terms Reference and report to Council of Deputies.

1. We continue to prefer original language of US proposal and hope that you can substitute it for compromise language of para 5 of committee report. If latter best obtainable, we can accept it providing that you make record clear that US considers FEB to be high level and important NATO body and intends to appoint representative at official level of OEEC Council.

2. Re para 3 of committee report. Removal of para 4 of WG 12 Terms Reference3 under consideration high level here. Pending decision desire that you have action on this matter deferred. Meanwhile, please forward your current views as to reasons behind proposal.

  1. This telegram, repeated to Paris for OSR, was drafted by Knight who also cleared it with Pittman, Halaby, and, in substance, with Perkins.
  2. April 14, p. 142.
  3. Not printed, but see footnote 3, p. 12.