CFM files, lot M–88, box 158, WFM tripartite documents

Declaration of the Foreign Ministers of France, the United Kingdom, and the United States1

Tripartite D–5

The three Foreign Ministers declare that their Governments aim at the inclusion of a democratic Germany, on a basis of equality, in a Continental European Community, which itself will form a part of a constantly developing Atlantic Community.

The three Ministers recognize that the initiative taken by the French Government concerning the creation of a European Coal and Steel Community and a European defense community is a major step towards European unity. They welcome the Schuman Plan as a means of strengthening the economy of Western Europe and look forward to its early realization. They also welcome the Paris Plan as a very important contribution to the effective Defense of Europe, including Germany.

The participation of Germany in the common defense should naturally be attended by the replacement of the present Occupation Statute by a new relationship between the three Governments and the German Federal Republic.

The Government of the United Kingdom desires to establish the closest possible association with the European continental community at all stages in its development.

The three Ministers reaffirm that this policy, which will be undertaken in concert with the other free nations, is directed to the establishment and the maintenance of a durable peace founded on justice and law. Their aim is to reinforce the security and the prosperity of Europe without changing in any way the purely defensive character of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. They reaffirm their determination that in no circumstances shall the above arrangements be made use of in furtherance of any aggressive action.

  1. Attached to the source text was a cover sheet, not printed. This declaration, frequently referred to as the Declaration on European Unity, was approved by the Ministers at their fifth meeting on September 13. For a record of that meeting, see Tripartite Min–5, p. 1279. The text of the declaration was released to the press on September 14.