396.1–PA/3–1751: Telegram

The United States Representative at the Four-Power Exploratory Talks (Jessup) to the Secretary of State 1


5507. From Jessup. At Morrison’s invitation Bruce, Bohlen and I met with him at Brit Emb this afternoon. Among other Britons, Davies and Dixon were present. In response Morrison’s question I gave him our analysis situation stressing obvious Sov design interfere with execution Brussels decisions through adoption slanted agenda or propaganda based on it. Morrison responded with very firm statement that their parliamentary position fully supported Brussels decisions and that he personally firmly supported that policy. Morrison reviewed difficulties Ger situation but only in terms of problems confronting the west and not vis-à-vis Sovs, Morrison restressed their strong desire for Mins mtg.

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Bohlen and I emphasized our belief best way secure Sov agreement is by convincing them of tripartite solidarity. Argued if Sovs really want mtg will eventually agree on agenda acceptable to US. I pointed out we started with neutral agenda and therefore any moves on our part are not towards compromise position but towards acceptance slanted Buss position. Suggested possible advantage going back now to our original agenda as only possible neutral formulation since Sovs rejected our amendments. Davies interposed objection Gromyko wld refuse and insist upon demilitarization of Ger as separate item. Morrison contradicted Davies saying he thought my suggestion which he developed might be good move. Bohlen talking privately with Dixon fully satisfied soundness Dixon’s position.

[ Jessup ]
  1. Repeated to London, Moscow, and Frankfurt.