396.1/2–951: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in the United Kingdom 1


3745. Fol is text draft note possible reply Sov note Feb 5:

“Govt of USA has honor ack receipt Sov Govts note Feb 5; 1951, relative proposed mtg FonMins USSR, France, UK and US.

US Govt regrets Sov Govt in its reply rpts and further exaggerates inaccurate statements about policies Western democracies. Sov allegations totally without foundation.

US and free nations Eur are bldg up their defenses. Reason why is clear. Free nations, confronted with vast armed forces Sov Union and states under its control, had no alternative to reducing great disparity mil force in world. This inequality between armed forces Sov bloc and free world forced US and free nations Eur increase their defense programs.

Sov bloc has maintained its armed forces at level far above any conceivable defense needs. This has been accompanied not only by Sov Govts constant use menace and threat but also by invasion ROK last June. These actions demonstrate Sov bloc armies are not intended solely for defense.

Sov Govt refuses respect independence nations outside Sov Union. It tries dominate other nations by threatening use its armed forces, by undermining other nations’ polit institutions, and using its agents other countries.

Sov controlled Eastern Eur countries have violated peace treaties by denying human rights and increasing mil forces and armaments above treaty limitations. Sov control certain Eastern Eur countries has made possible its attacks internal security of Greece. In area it controls, Sov Union has restricted movements people and flow normal intercourse. It has sealed off legitimate commerce and usual exchange persons and info between nations. Through internatl Commie orgs, it has conducted polit warfare against democratic countries, and carried on subversive activities aimed at destroying these govts.

Continuing efforts Sov Govt control even larger areas outside its borders and conditions it has imposed in areas it now controls gives free govts an indication future intentions Sov Govt. Existence excessive armed forces Sov bloc regarded by free govts and peoples as [Page 1077]evidence Sov Govts desire for further expansion its control. Sincere attempts free govts and peoples reduce armaments have been blocked by Sov Union.

For these reasons among others, all free govts and peoples recognize that Ger problem, including a Ger contribution defense Western Eur, is not cause present tension in Eur. In this connection, US Govt notes with reprobation that Sov Govt has slandered duly elected leaders of Fed Ger Republic, whose records opposition Nazi regime are well known to Sov Govt.

US Govt considers that any mtg four FonMins USSR, France, UK and US cannot confine their discussions single topic Ger and ignore real causes of tension.

US Govt interested only in assuring discussion at any mtg four Mins shall include these real causes tension and that suitable agenda that end be drawn up their consideration. Govt US accordingly proposes that reps four govts in prelim conversations which have been agreed to shld take as basis their task prep agenda which wld include at least fol gen subjs: causes existing tension in Eur, including level existing armaments, situation Southeastern Eur and other factors; completion and sig treaty for re-establishment an independent and democratic Austria; problems affecting Ger; and elimination barriers to friendly official and unofficial contacts between govts and peoples.

The exact formulation topics under these gen headings which might be placed oil agenda mtg four Mins, as well as their order on agenda, can be considered and agreed to by reps four powers at prelim conferences Paris. But it essential that there be in advance an understanding among four govts that foregoing subjs in whatever form or whatever order agreed upon in prelim conference, shall form part agenda mtg four Mins. Other subjs which may be agreed upon wld also be included.

If Sov Govt agrees with basis outlined above for prelim conference Paris, US Govt suggests that reps four powers meet there Mar 5. If prelim conference reps finds mutually acceptable basis for mtg Mins, Govt US suggests that FonMins US, France, UK and Sov Union meet in Washington on date to be recommended by reps. Govt US is informed that these arrangements wld be convenient to Govts France and UK.”

  1. Repeated to Paris, Moscow, and Frankfurt.