396.1/1–2551: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Bruce) to the Secretary of State 1


4371. Deptel 3834, January 19 (sent London 3966, repeated Frankfort 5027)2 and Embtel 4338, January 24 (repeated London 1051, Frankfort 501).3 FonOff in accord on desirability consultation with FedRep authorities when and if agreement obtained on exploratory quadripartite talks re CFM. Envisage such consultation on continuing basis “from time to time,” i.e., without obligation on our part or formalization of procedures, involving merely exchanges of views and information. FonOff agrees that this best done by HICOMs and that Adenauer is logical opposite number, particularly as long as Germany has no Foreign Minister. Re necessity eliciting views also of elements other than government proper and coalition parties, FonOff agrees but understands this would not be done by HICOMs themselves but informally and perhaps on individual basis rather than tripartitely, on somewhat lower level. Above is definitive FonOff reply, cleared by Parodi and consistent with what La Tournelle told us yesterday. In communicating views, Sauvagnargues pointed out however that practical problem will arise during first contacts with Chancellor on subject CFM, since HICOMs will find it difficult to confine themselves to eliciting German views, without themselves entering upon discussion of such views. French want “discussion” with Adenauer in initial stage to be limited, although they realize this will be difficult.

  1. Repeated to Frankfurt and London.
  2. Not printed.
  3. Not printed; it reported a preliminary discussion with De la Tournelle on the question of consultations with the Germans (396.1/1–2451).