740.5/7–1251: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in France 1


282. We cannot agree that Bonn report shld be supplied to Eur Army conference as “a basis for discussion”. Our reasons for this view are: (a) Fr or Gers cannot prejudge forthcoming tripartite consideration of Bonn report. (b) Since US and UK not fully represented at Paris, we desire discuss relationship of two reports in this forum as in Deptel 6988 to Paris (Todep 538 to London) of Jun 21. Assume Ger Reps are completely free to take same position at Paris as they did at Bonn on the whole of their mil points as they have already done. Obviously Paris conference cannot discuss correctness of HICOM judgment in isolating points of disagreement contained in HICOM portions of Bonn report.

However, have no objection that Bonn report be supplied for info to individual countries participating Paris conference but shld be made clear to Fr that this to be done only on condition will not interfere with acceptance by Fr of some procedure along lines of reftel according to which the two reports shld be considered by three occ powers with view to making suitable recommendations to Council under Brussels decisions and directives.

FYI only, while we desire successful outcome Paris conference, we are concerned by apparent Fr tactics which seem to have for their goal [Page 827] the primacy of Paris “conference proceedings at expense of delay in occ powers and NATO action on Ger rearmament problem as whole.

Time has not permitted concerting of position with UK here. You shld not transmit this msg to Fr without previous agreement with your UK colleague on course of action to be followed.

  1. This telegram, which was repeated to London as 265, was drafted by Martin and Knight of EUR/RA and was cleared in substance by Perkins of EUR, Laukhuff of GPA, Godley of WE, Satterthwaite of BNA, and Colonel Beebe of Defense.