740.5/11–1751: Telegram

The United States Deputy Representative on the North Atlantic Council (Spofford) to the Acting Secretary of State 1

Depto 637. Re Todep 3422 and Todep 334.3 US is only Govt which reported any reservation to inviting Gr and Turk to send observers to Rome. In view heavy US pressure for unanimous agrmt to invite them to adhere to treaty this sitn has evoked some amusement in those few to whom we have mentioned US reservation. After consultation with Secy and Perkins we have decided US cannot possibly hold out alone and Pearson is today issuing invitations to send observers. Am working with him with view to limiting invitation both as to numbers and scope as much as possible. If any congressional questions raised, believe our line shld be that observer question not raised at US initiative but supported by all but US which cld not hold out alone after its pressure on others on behalf Gr and Turk or without nullifying Gr and Turk goodwill gained by previous US attitude.

Todep 3484 just recd. We will make clear to Pearson and others that observer matter naturally can in no way affect Senate prerogative on protocol or prejudge its attitude.

  1. Repeated to Paris, Ankara, and Athens.
  2. Of November 15, p. 710.
  3. Not printed, but see footnote 3, ibid.
  4. Not printed; it stated that since the United States had withdrawn its objection to Greek and Turkish observers at the advice of Acheson and Perkins it was important that it be made clear that this in no way infringed on the prerogatives of the Senate (740.5/11–1651).