740.5/11–1451: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the United States Deputy Representative on the North Atlantic Council (Spofford), at London1

Todep 342. Ref Depto 616 Nov 14, rptd Paris 1042, Ankara 38, Athens 45.2 Gr Amb called today and raised question inviting Gr and Turk observers to Rome NAC mtg.

We told Amb we feared such action might risk antagonizing Senate fortify opposition there and delay us in common objective bringing Gr and Turk into NATO. Gr Amb clearly grasped fact we think it unwise have Grks and Turks present Rome but do not know if he will suggest to his Govt withdrawal of request. We did not mention to him our view that reps of countries not bound by NATO engagements shld not be present when Council deals with issues of vital importance to members. As foregoing indicates, this tel confirms attitude expressed to you in Todep 3343 which crossed reftel.

You may, of course, tell Pearson or other Deps we shld be glad have Gr and Turk Ambs Rome invited to opening public session and to social functions (ref para 2; Todep 330, rptd Paris 2870, Athens 2321, Ankara 4234).

  1. Drafted by Parsons and cleared with Dorsz of GTI; repeated to Paris as Tosec 37, to Ankara, and to Athens.
  2. Supra.
  3. Not printed; it reported the Department of State’s position, which it reaffirmed more strongly this time, that Greek and Turkish observers not be invited to the Rome meetings of the Council. (740.5/11–1351)
  4. Not printed, but see footnote 3, supra.