740.5/10–1851: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Deputy Representative on the North Atlantic Council (Spofford), at London 1

Todep 259. For Spofford and Gifford for info.

1. Fully agree we shld resist suggestions at this time for postponement Rome mtg NAC (Depto 4742).

2. Apart from value Nov 24 target date as source of pressure for progress on Ger, EDC and related problems, interim report of TCC to be presented at Rome mtg bears important relation to successful completion TCC exercise on schedule. Interim report shld not be regarded merely as info provided for convenience of NAC because it happens he scheduled meet late Nov. On contrary, interim report is important in that NAC debate on it shld reveal as closely as possible what NAT Govts can be induced to accept. As this may greatly influence final report due Dec 1, Rome mtg shld, if at all possible, not be deferred.

3. It is daily becoming more clear, particularly in relation to extension of security guarantee to Ger that Ger membership in NATO will soon have to be faced. (Deptel 2528, Oct 19, to Frankfort, Bonn 146, Paris 2338, London 2112.3) Fr view that Ger relation to NATO be exclusively through EDC basically unacceptable to Ger as it wld give Ger status inferior other EDC members who are also members [Page 696]of NAT. Moreover, extension security guarantee by EDC alone wld be unsatisfactory because US and UK not included and US and UK in extending guarantee must insist on reciprocal commitment which Ger membership in NATO wld provide. This probably means that least Ger can accept before signing contractual relations agreement and EDF treaty is firm tripartite assurance at time of sig that they will support Ger candidacy NATO. Problem re foregoing is Fr whose opposition to NATO membership for Ger wld crystallize if pressed too soon to face up to situation which will gradually reveal itself to them in more insistent fashion as weeks go by. Since we only have five weeks if EDF and contractual agreements are to be completed by Rome mtg, as planned, we wld like you consider whether Alphand’s visit to London may provide opportunity for you to edge into this problem with him in private conversations in which you wld be speaking in personal capacity. Problem must, of course, be approached with extreme caution and if right opportunity does not come we wld much prefer you leave it alone.4

Bruce in Paris may wish also in his talks with Schumann and other key officials to take a similar line when opportunity offers.

  1. Drafted by J. Graham Parsons of the Office of Regional European Affairs and cleared win Perkins of EUR and Laukhuff of GER; repeated to Paris for Bruce and MacArthur, to Frankfurt for McCloy, and to Bonn.
  2. Not printed; it reported Spofford’s speculation that Hevré Alphand, French Deputy Representative on the North Atlantic Council, would request a postponement of the NATO meeting in Rome because of the lack of progress on the German problem. (Telegram Depto 474 from London, October 18, 740.5/10–1851)
  3. Post, p. 1555.
  4. For documentation concerning the European Defense Community (EDC), see pp. 755 ff.