740.5/9–1851: Telegram

The United States Delegation at the Seventh Session of the North Atlantic Council to the Acting Secretary of State 1

Secto 15. ToISA. Tuesday a. m. session began 10 a. m. resuming discussion Greece and Turkey. Fol discussion Dane said he needed consult [Page 672] Copenhagen so council next took up item VII since steering comite appointed consider item VI not ready report.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Shinwell noted were number of matters in reports of primary concern to Defense Minister and proposes Defense Ministers retire to consider their problems, reporting to council later. Referred again to “paper plans” which would not meet commitments even if finances and equipment available and urged frank talk among Ministers about reserves, terms conscription, deployment naval forces, etc.

Claxton stressed value all Ministers being exposed to all aspects NATO work and suggested full council have opportunity participate general discussion before Defense Ministers withdrew for frank technical talks. Benediktsson made general statement, citing US base agreement under NATO and lauding US spirit of equality in negotiations. Pace agreed separate mtg, proposing frank session Defense Ministers fol by report to council for further discussion. Italy agree, provided there wld be detailed report for council consideration.

Acheson proposed opportunity be taken for mtg Foreign Ministers have preliminary discussion item VIII. Pointed out had been considerable informal discussion among dels and confusion re proposal apparent. Stikker suggested Finance Ministers attend also, which agreed.

After several dels indicated desire have Defense Ministers participate discussion item VIII, agreed adjourn plenary session, Defense Ministers remaining to consider reports. Foreign Ministers and Finance Ministers reconvene three p. m. for preliminary consideration item VIII to be joined by Defense Ministers at close their mtg.

  1. Repeated to The Hague, Paris, Oslo, Copenhagen, London, Rome, Brussels, Frankfurt, Lisbon, and Reykjavik.