740.5/9–1651: Telegram

The United States Delegation at the Seventh Session of the North Atlantic Council to the Acting Secretary of State1

Secto 7. Report on Sat evening mtg which was continuation of afternoon mtg on item III, covering statements by Nor and Port reps: Lange urged continued emphasis on joint NATO evaluations of world situation in order each nation in determining national policies may do so on basis of common appraisals of facts. In order these periodical reviews by council may be meaningful other NATO bodies shld report fully and continuously to respective nations on developments. Lange noted if there is very real possibility of serious danger in Eur in summer of 1952, and if possible worsening of situation in Korea may be [Page 658] taken as indication of worsening of situation in Eur, then Eur nations shld keep their forces at home in order they not find themselves overextended in face of danger. Lange supported Canad suggestion that Council reaffirm devotion of member nations to democratic foundations of society which members have in common. He noted devotion of NATO countries to democratic principles is basic binding force holding nations together. In this connection stated reports of US bilateral negotiations with Spain2 are very disturbing to Nor people. He stated Nor wld like public assurances that US is not trying to pave way for eventual assoc of Spain with NATO.

Port rep stressed present danger and predicted an increase in tensions until western powers have achieved adequate defense level. He stressed danger of weakening internal economies of nations in striving for adequate defense against external aggression and urged continuous attention be given to strengthening economic and social fabrics of member nations. Dr. Costa Leite pointed to recent agreements with US on Azores bases as evidence of Port willingness cooperate with other NATO members. He supported Lange’s emphasis on need for full consultation in NATO before national policies which affect all members are put into effect.

Van Zeeland suggested possible utility of giving greater publicity to the business before council by giving agenda in full to press, by having Council members discuss in public items being considered by Council, and by making public parts of national statement made on Item III. Acheson gave firm no to suggestions, and urged privacy of Council deliberations be maintained even at risk of offending press. He insisted that utility of council mtgs wld be destroyed if their privacy is lessened. Lange supported Acheson and chairman did not pursue suggestions any further.

It was agreed that business of Council be wound up by Thurs noon and that in order to complete agenda morning mtgs shld begin at ten and afternoon mtgs at 3 with possible evening mtg on Mon only. Chairman is endeavoring to make arrangements for simultaneous translation in order to save further time.

Mtg was adjourned until Mon, Sept 17, at 10 a. m.3

  1. Repeated to London, Paris, Copenhagen, Brussels, The Hague, Oslo, Lisbon, Rome, Reykjavik, Luxembourg, and the Department of Defense.
  2. For documentation on the interest of the United States in Spain’s participation in the defense of Western Europe, see volume iv .
  3. The following message was added to Secto 7 by telegram Secto 8, September 16. “Port expressed disagreement with Lange’s statement re Spain and said that all elements of strength should be used to further defense of West. Costa Leite expressed satisfaction over developments since last year when expressed same viewpoint and said he did not share Lange’s fears. However, he did not openly refer to bringing Spain into NATO.” (740.5/9–1651)