CFM files, lot M–88, box 159, Miscellaneous Sept 1951 meetings

Memorandum by the Ambassador at Large (Jessup) to the Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs (Perkins) and the Director of the Bureau of German Affairs (Byroade)

Subject: Congressional Consultation on the September Meetings

In connection with the different international meetings scheduled for September, it seems to me that we should give early consideration to the question of securing necessary consultation with the Congress. This problem has too often in the past been the forgotten step-child of our preparatory work, and has been solved at the last minute by having the Secretary report to the two committees on the eve of his departure. With the best performance, this can hardly impress the Congressional leaders as “consultation”. In addition, we have to adjust our plans this time to the fact that the Secretary will be leaving for San Francisco on August 30 and will return only in time to commence the talks with Mr. Morrison and Mr. Schuman.

We have reviewed this question with Mr. McFall’s office and come to the conclusion that the best approach would be the two of you to [Page 641] seek a meeting during the next two weeks with the European subcommittees in the House and Senate to discuss with them our plans for the discussions with the British and French. In particular, an outline of our thinking as set forth in the recent messages to Morrison and Schuman would appear to serve a most useful purpose on the Hill at the present time.

In addition to this step, I think we should also suggest to the Secretary that he take advantage of some occasion in San Francisco to review some of the overall considerations involved in these meetings with the group that will be present as delegates and alternates to the Japanese peace conference. At a later time, we should review the question of whether any further consultation is desirable with respect to the NATO meeting, though it seems to me that we might reserve our major emphasis on this until later in the fall in connection with the Rome meeting.

If you have any comments on this matter, Mr. McFall and I would be glad to talk to you about it.

Philip C. Jessup