Editorial Note

A series of headquarters staff appointments and European defense command appointments for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization were announced by General Eisenhower’s headquarters between March 6 and 20, as follows:

North Atlantic Staff appointments: Deputy Chief of Staff (Administration), Lieutenant General Marcel Maurice Carpentier (France); Deputy Chief of Staff (Plans), Air Marshal Edmund C. Hudleston (United Kingdom); Assistant Chief of Staff (Intelligence), Major General Sir Terence Airey (United Kingdom); Assistant Chief of Staff (Organization and Training), Major General Francis W. Festing (United Kingdom); Assistant Chief of Staff (Personnel and Administration), Rear Admiral Ferrante Capponi (Italy); Assistant Chief of Staff (Plans, Policy, and Operations), Major General Pierre-Louis Bodet (France); Assistant Chief of Staff (Logistics), Major General Edmond H. Leavey (United States). European Defense Commands: Deputy Supreme Allied Commander, Field Marshal Viscount Montgomery (United Kingdom); Deputy Supreme Commander (Air), Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Saunders (United Kingdom); Deputy Supreme Commander (Naval), Vice Admiral André Georges Lemmonier (France); Commander in Chief, Allied Army Forces in Central Europe, General of the Army Alphonse Juin (France); Commander in Chief, Northern Europe, Vice Admiral Sir Patrick Brind (United Kingdom); Commander in Chief, Allied Air Forces in Central Europe, Lieutenant General Lauris Norstad (United States); Naval Flag Officer, Central Europe, Vice Admiral Robert Jaujard (France); Commander of Allied Army Forces in Norway, Lieutenant General Wilhelm Tangen-Hansteen, Commander in Chief of the Norwegian Army; Commander of Allied Army Forces in Denmark, Lieutenant General Ebbe Görtz, Commander in Chief of the Danish Army; Commander of Allied Air Forces, Northern Europe, Major General Robert K, Taylor (United States).

General Eisenhower’s headquarters further announced that the command organization in Southern Europe would be made public subsequently and that the command of Allied land forces in that region would be given to an Italian general. Eisenhower’s headquarters further stated that General Eisenhower would request the Brussels Treaty Powers to transfer to his command some of the responsibilities of the Western Union Commanders in Chief Committee, which would have to fit into the framework of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.