740.5/1–1751: Telegram

The Ambassador in Portugal ( MacVeagh ) to the Secretary of State 1


269. Mytel 266, January 17.2 General Eisenhower left Lisbon airport 3:40 p. m. today after completing prearranged schedule down to last detail.3 Public impression notably favorable. Press coverage [Page 432] extensive and large applauding crowds, spontaneously gathered before Prime Minister’s Palace and at airport, clearly delighted with General’s hat-raising acknowledgments. Special security arrangements perfectly carried out. Beyond circulation few hand bills, no signs Communist activity observed.

First reactions Portuguese officials also favorable. According Foreign Minister, all pleased with General’s easy frankness and grateful for opportunity afforded explain Portuguese attitude. As regards feasibility of further increasing defense establishment without US help, and reluctance to furnish expeditionary forces for European defense in absence Spanish integration, this attitude appears remain as stated mytel 236, December 30.4 However, new and warmer atmosphere of international trust as well as of confidence in US leadership clearly created, with possibility of favorable repercussions on other aspects of desired Portuguese collaboration such as those now being considered under NAP [ MAP?] organization.

  1. This telegram was repeated to Paris and Rome.
  2. Not printed.
  3. General Eisenhower and his party arrived in Lisbon from London on afternoon of January 16 and left for Rome on January 17. The schedule for the visit was set forth in some detail in despatch 472, January 18, from Lisbon (740.5/1–1851). For a résumé of the General’s conversations with Portuguese officials, see telegram 3105, infra.
  4. Not printed.