740.5/1–2651: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in the United Kingdom 1


3539. Dept, ECA, Def, Budget and Harriman taking advantage Spofford’s and Katz’ presence US to discuss advisability of consolidating NATO operations in Paris or London. Gen feeling here that Eisenhower and his staff, Spofford and OEEC shld be in one place and that eventually this will be found to be necessary even if it is not done right away. If SHAPE included this wld of course make it Paris. Before reaching any decision on this and related problems and to help us weigh all factors, wld like your estimate effect move to Paris on Brit Govt, on Brit public opinion and on effectiveness Brit influence, cooperation and leadership in making defense efforts successful. Text of paper covering this and other points on which we want your comments will be available and sent you tomorrow with comments required by Mon.2

  1. Drafted by L. Satterthwaite, Deputy Director of the Office of British Commonwealth and Northern European Affairs, and cleared in draft with Martin (RA).
  2. The paper referred to here has not been identified in the Department of State files.