70. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in France1

5824. Wld appreciate Emb using greatest circumspection (urtel 5970 Mar 28)2 in dealing with Qavam. Dept concerned not only at possible repercussions within Iran shld it become known there has been direct contact between Qavam and US officials but we are disturbed at presence Khalili and Khazrai during ur mtg. According Dept’s records both are notorious internatl adventurers and both, particularly Khaz-rai, may be Sov agents.

Believe best line to take in reply Qavam’s query is that, as he is well aware from his experience as PriMin, US does not rpt not interfere in Iran internal affairs and under no rpt no circumstances cld indicate its preference for any particular candidate for Premiership. This pol wld of course apply in case of conflict between Shah and any particular PriMin.

We fear last sentence Tehran’s 3715 rpt Paris 85 Mar 313 undesirable in present instance since it cld be interpreted by Qavam and his present associates in Paris as indirect indication of support. We have no rpt no objection Tehran’s continuing this statement to emissaries in [Page 227] Iran whose reputations are better than those Khalili and Khazrai. Any further info present activities these two persons wld be welcome. Wld appreciate ur repeating all tels this subj to London.

  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Files 1950–1954, 788.00/4–152. Top Secret; Security Information; Priority. Drafted by Ferguson, cleared in WE and BNA, and approved by Berry. Repeated to Tehran and London.
  2. Document 68.
  3. Document 69.