314. Central Intelligence Agency Information Cable1

CS PD 916


  • Qashqai–Zahedi Relations


  • [2 lines not declassified]


  • CS–19535 (PD–871)2

1. The Qashqai Khans are attempting to obtain from the Zahedi government some “face saving” concessions (possibly a public announcement that the government has no intention of arresting “loyal Iranians” Khosro and Mohammad Hoseyn Qashqai, and that it has re[Page 754]leased fellow members of the former national movement fractions who were formerly arrested before burying the hatchet with Zahedi.

2. At the request of the Qashqai, Zahedi is sending Hoseyn Makki to Shiraz on 3 September to confer with Nasr Qashqai. (Washington comment: For further information concerning Makki’s activities, see PD–903.)3

3. The Qashqai have absolutely no intention of rebelling or “seceding” and will fight only in self-defense if attacked by the army.

Field distribution: State, Army, SUBCOMNELM formal dissem follows. (End of message)

The above info based on Tehe 868 (IN 16169).4

[name not declassified]
  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency, DDO Files, Job 89–00176R, Box 1, Folder 19, Political Activities—Iran. Secret; Security Information. Sent to the Departments of State, Army, Navy, and Air Force, the National Security Agency, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Secretary of Defense, the Office of National Estimates, and the Office of Current Intelligence.
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