245. Memorandum From the Acting Chief of the Near East and Africa Division, Directorate of Plans, Central Intelligence Agency ([name not declassified]) to Mitchell1

Following received 22 July:

1. In agreement with Speaker Moazami and to avoid incident during 21 July demonstration Zahedi left Majlis 20 July. Was to return there 22 July. Moazami gave assurance govt. would not attempt arrest.

2. While out of Majlis Zahedi [less than 1 line not declassified] gave following information:

A. Arrest list

(1) To be arrested night of coup: Mossadeq, Riahi, Ashrafi, Modaber Rasavi, Hassibi, Shayegan, Zirakzadeh, Sanjabi, Khalil Maleki, Forouar of Pan Iran, Amini of Gendarmérie, Sareshteh of M.P.

(2) Sixty members Tudeh

(3) Eventually if disturbances occur 300 other individuals may have to be jailed or placed under house arrest.

(4) Note: though Ashrafi and Modaber in contact with Zahedi and may switch over to him at decisive moment they still uncertain elements and as precaution included arrest list.

B. Re arrest Mossadeq: Zahedi plan as follows:

(1) Block where his house located to be surrounded by Palace Guard.

(2) Col Daftari and Capt. Davar Panah who in charge Mossadeq person guard are “in hand” Zahedi and at his bidding will apprehend Mossadeq and deliver him to Zahedi.

(3) Mossadeq will then be taken custody in village outside Tehe,

(4) Rumor will be circulated Mossadeq dead. This for purpose causing followers lose hope and rally other banner presumably Zahedi.

[Page 638]

C. Installations to be seized night of coup:

(1) Source electric power telephone system.

(2) Radio Tehe and army wireless.

(3) Police and general staff Hq office.

(4) Note: all premises used by political groups to be closed.

D. In addition to troops previously mentioned Zahedi counts on one battalion from Military Academy.

E. Zahedi has contacts in Air Force but does not plan call on their participation time coup.

  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency, DDO Files, Job 80–01701R, Box 3, Folder 12, Misc. Correspondence—TPAJAX. Secret. The recipient is referred to as “Mr. Mitchell” in the original and is not further identified.