186. Monthly Report Prepared in the Directorate of Plans, Central Intelligence Agency1


March 1953

A. General Developments

1. The political tensions incident to the struggle for power between Mossadeq and his opponents that reached crisis proportions during the end of February and the beginning of March appear to have relaxed somewhat. There is still a powerful undercurrent of intrigue against the Iranian Government, and it is likely that opposition forces will again create tests of strength with the Prime Minister.

2. [1 paragraph (6 lines) not declassified]

3. In preparation for a possible Tudeh coup in Iran: (a) the final draft of the first progress report of the interdepartmental committee on NSC 136/1 has been disseminated by NSC;2 (b) [2½ lines not declassified]; (c) an NE–4 Branch task force has completed a draft estimate of the situation in Iran with recommendations for preparations to be made and action to be taken in the event of an emergency;3 and (d) [2 lines not declassified].

B. Station Synopsis

[3 paragraphs (21 lines) not declassified]

C. Operational Summary

Political and Psychological Warfare

7. [1 paragraph (12 lines) not declassified]

Paramilitary Operations

8. [1 paragraph (3 lines) not declassified]

John H. Waller4
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  2. Document 180.
  3. An apparent reference to Document 170.
  4. [name not declassified] signed for Waller above Waller’s typed signature.