114. Telegram From the Embassy in Iran to the Department of State1

636. Joint Emb, CAS and Service Atts estimate recent Tudeh activities fols:

After disturbances attendant on Qavam Premiership, Tudeh attempted capitalize on and inflate its role in events and strove unsuccessfully consolidate informal working arrangement reached with NF during crisis. Once Mosadeq returned to power Front leaders repudiated tacit understanding and minimized Tudeh role in demonstrations. Altho Tudeh not (rpt not) able form open partnership with NF, it emerged from crisis with only NF remaining as effective organized [Page 316] polit opponent. Tudeh gains included: (1) Increase in popular prestige; (2) Seriously weakening opposition forces such as conservative “old guard,” Shah and Army; (3) Partial success in diverting popular emotions against US.

Tudeh also being aided by dissensions which have developed in NF leadership. It believed thru influence Iran party on Mosadeq that PM made fol cabinet appointments: (1) Abdol Ali Lotfi as Min Justice. He prominent leader “Society For Combatting Illiteracy” and “Society For Combatting Imperialists”, both Tudeh–Front orgs. (2) Mehdiwazar, Min Health. His brother deserted Iran Army to join Pishevari and now (rpt now) in USSR. Azar brought to Min 3 men incl under secy who served under Tudeh leader Keshavarz in Qavam’s 1946 cabinet. (3) Farman-Farmayan, acting Min Health, who noted for strong leftist tendencies. Composition Cabinet increased Mosadeq’s estrangement from Kashani, Maki and Baqai which in turn may induce him depend further on Iran party. Certain leaders this party not (rpt not) adverse to collaboration with Tudeh. Hence such development likely facilitate Tudeh penetration govt.

Chief Staff Air Force Gen General Guilanshah informed Air Att fol re conv with Mosadeq Aug 9. Guilanshah inquire whether he should continue his anti-Tudeh campaign within Air Force. Mosadeq replied he did not (rpt not) wish anti-Tudeh measures intensified or slowed down since wished avoid any indication his govt leaning toward either West powers or USSR. Guilanshah believes order will in effect curtail action against Tudeh elements in Air Force.

Cons Meshed and Tabriz report Tudeh attempted small mtgs Aug 5 on occasion Constitution Day which easily suppressed by security forces. Press states Tudeh-sponsored mtgs held various towns Caspian Sea region on same occasion. Summarizing Tudeh sitn Meshed Cons reports: “Altho there evidence increasing effort by Tudeh to build effective org this area, party still relatively weak and forced operate under cover”. Support stems from small nbr industrial workers, medical college students and left-wing faction in govt depts, principally Min Education.

  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Files 1950–1954, 788.00/8–1252. Secret; Security Information. Received at 1:43 p.m.