264.1111 Vogeler, Robert A./6–2250: Telegram

The Minister in Hungary ( Davis ) to the Secretary of State


407. Saw Berei this afternoon, made statement substantially Deptel 264.1 He appeared quite disappointed. Repeatedly reminded me some solution interference question a Hungarian condition from start. Had accepted our statements at June 16 interview2 on belief radio interference cleared up but since subsequently assured by “Hungarian experts” interference continues agreement had not in fact been reached. To my repeated insistence interference could be due either station and in fact Hungarian frequently blankets VOA he impervious, would only promise refer matter again Hungarian Government but felt solution interference question essential before Vogeler release. Insisted promise discuss this or other issues after release not quid pro quo and less than we previously offered.

Saw point danger from press leak3 but not greatly impressed remarking his government not at fault.

Upon departure Sik aside to Mokma expressed disappointment said Hungarians had hoped for final solution case last week based on effective elimination interference.4

  1. Supra.
  2. See footnote 2, p. 1012.
  3. Regarding the press leak under reference here, see Brown’s memorandum of June 21 to Battle, p. 1013.
  4. In his telegram 408, June 22, from Budapest, not printed, Minister Davis expressed the belief that the real issue for Hungarian authorities was the elimination of Hungarian-language Voice of America broadcasts on a wave length adjacent to that used by Budapest Radio Petofi, and he suggested the suspension of such broadcasts pending mutually satisfactory technical arrangements. Davis concluded his message as follows:

    “Is there no other possible channel for this program which Hungarian people now cannot hear since Petofi effectually blankets. We gain little by continuing use 1196 for Hungary whereas Vogeler remains jail.” (264.111 Vogeler, Robert A./0–2250).