396.1/12–150: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Soviet Union ( Kirk ) to the Secretary of State

top secret

1124. Frankfort’s telegram 4499, November 29. In light developments in Korea Embassy believes with Frankfort that it is essential to [widen?] reply to Soviets from German question to Far East where essence of conflict between Communists and free worlds is now engaged.

At same time we concur with Department’s views (Deptel 2985 to Paris, November 29) in that tenor of response should be primarily refusal of proposal in absence any evidence Soviet purpose is other than for propaganda advantage toward delay of western defense.

We would suggest, therefore, that substance of Department’s draft detailing record of Soviet actions, particularly in regard to Austria, and inconsistency therewith of Soviet pretensions of peaceful intent should be largely retained for public effect instead of briefer approach suggested by Frankfort. Following that exposition, we believe note should include reference to Soviet veto of six power resolution on Korea as further indication that Soviets are not disposed to contribute toward peaceful solution of principal danger existing today. Along lines of last paragraph of Department’s draft, note would then conclude that while a CFM under Potsdam apparently is neither possible nor most urgent current problem, the US will be prepared to explore with British, French and Soviet Governments possibility of discussing Korean situation and such other world problems as Germany, including demilitarization thereof within the framework of the Iraqi-Syrian resolution.

It seems to us that such an offer would keep the door to negotiation open as is obviously desirable but would be wholly realistic in light of current conditions and would still maintain on Soviets onus for non-cooperation which as we see it, is only means of maintaining our initiative and assuring that in any discussions which eventuate Soviets make substantive contribution to satisfactory solutions.

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Department pass London, Paris, Frankfort. Sent Department 1124, repeated info London 207, Paris 237, Frankfort 149.