740.5/9–2350: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Acting Secretary of State 1

top secret

Secto 45. Re Secto 43.2

Following is text tripartite agreement on intermediate measures in Germany:

“In a joint meeting of the Foreign Ministers and Defense Ministers of France, the UK and the US it was agreed that certain minimum measures should be taken immediately in Germany as steps toward a fuller participation of Germany in the build up of the defense of Europe. These measures are as follows:

The immediate strengthening of the west German Laender police as agreed by the Foreign Ministers, to make them capable of preserving internal security against disorders or sabotage. They should be equipped with automatic hand arms, light and heavy machine guns, hand grenades, and mortars. They should further have light armored and engineer units with necessary equipment and should be fully motorized so as to insure sufficient mobility. In addition, they would be used in the event of any east German para-military attack.
Increase the strength and improve the quality, morale, discipline, and training of the ‘Dienstgruppen’ (labor service units). German personnel for these units should be selected with view to the formation of cadres for units up to a regiment.
Authorize the Allied High Commissioners and the military commanders to make additional use of German manpower as follows:
The establishment of sabotage security units for protection against fifth column activity and sabotage.
The establishment of a civil defense organization which would provide for air defense and disaster plans and organization.
The establishment of a guerrilla warfare organization and the initiation of procurement of supplies for guerrilla warfare in Russian-held areas.
Authorize the organization of appropriate German engineer units to include minelaying and fortification construction units.

In addition, plans should be completed now for the eventual utilization for the benefit of the common defense program of the west of the industrial potential of western Germany in the production of finished light military equipment only, to include, subject to appropriate safeguards, such items as individual equipment, vehicles and transportation equipment, light weapons, and optical equipment. However? west Germany should not be restricted from producing (subject to existing agreements as to the production of steel) raw materials for fabrication outside Germany into heavy military equipment for NATO forces.

It is further agreed that, as NATO forces are equipped and deployed, the initial measures outlined above should be accelerated in order to more quickly attain the eventual objective.”

Sent Department Secto 45. Department repeat Paris unnumbered, London unnumbered, Frankfort unnumbered.

  1. Secretary Acheson was in New York for the NATO Council meetings.
  2. Vol. iii, p. 342.