Memorandum by the President to the Secretary of State

top secret

I have been studying the National Security Council report by the Secretary of Defense on the United States policy toward Germany and Spain.1

These two reports are decidedly militaristic and in my opinion not realistic with present conditions. I wish you would look them over carefully and discuss them with me Monday when you come in for the conference.2

H[arry] S. T[ruman]
  1. For the text of the report on Germany, see NSC 71, supra. For the text of the report on Spain, see Bradley’s memorandum to Johnson, May 3, vol. iii, p. 1560.
  2. At their meeting on June 19, Secretary Acheson reviewed the position of the Department of State on Spain and Germany and offered to put their substance into memoranda for the President. For the views on Germany, see NSC 71/1, July 3, p. 691; for the views on Spain, see NSC 72/1, July 3, vol. iii, p. 1570.