Editorial Note

In a statement issued to the press on May 13, the Department of State reviewed recent hostile conduct by the Czechoslovak Government toward official American institutions and personnel in Czechoslovakia culminating in the Czechoslovak demand of April 28 for a drastic reduction of official personnel at the Embassy in Praha and the Consulate General in Bratislava. The Department concluded that the current Czechoslovak regime would not or could not conduct itself in its relations with the United States and other democracies in a manner compatible with Czechoslovak culture or traditions or with a decent regard for the conventions of the community of nations. The Department announced that it was requesting the Czechoslovak Government to close its consulates, in Cleveland and Pittsburgh and make a reduction in its official personnel in the United States similar to that demanded of the United States in Czechoslovakia. For the text of the statement, see Department of State Bulletin, June 12, 1950, page 974.