Editorial Note

Ambassador to France David K. E. Bruce, Ambassador to Italy James C. Dunn, Ambassador to the United Kingdom Lewis W. Douglas, Ambassador to the Soviet Union Alan G. Kirk, Special Representative in Europe for the Economic Cooperation Administration W. Averell Harriman, High Commissioner for Germany John J. McCloy, and their advisers met in Rome, March 22–24, 1950, under the chairmanship of Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs George W. Perkins as a “Meeting of Ambassadors” to discuss important European foreign policy problems. Among the points generally agreed upon during the meetings were the following: (1) rapid development of anti-Communist activities on an expanded scale; (2) the launching of a vigorous propaganda offensive designed to deprive the Soviet Union of the initiative gained through its peace campaign and to recapture for the West the leadership in the world movement for peace; (3) recapturing the propaganda initiative by means of an enunciation of principles of peace by the North Atlantic Council at its forthcoming meeting in May. Documentation on the meeting of United States Ambassadors in Rome, March 22–24, 1950 is included in volume III, pages 795 ff.