761.932/2–149: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

283. Following is summary Central News Agency despatch datelined Hankow January 30:

“General Chang Chih-chung2 left for Lanchow by air today following 2 days spent as guest of General Pai Chung-hsi.3

Shortly before his departure, Chang told Central News recent reports that his return to Lanchow was in connection with conclusion of commerce treaty between Chinese Government and USSR were not entirely accurate.

These reports had stated Chang was returning to Lanchow for expressed purpose of directing personally conclusion of commerce treaty between two countries.

Chang explained that Sinkiang was prepared to conclude commerce agreement with Russia, which was entirely one of local nature. He added that agreement was in process of negotiations for long time and that it had only been recently that any headway was made.

He continued that officials of concerned Ministries and Departments, including FonOff, will be dispatched shortly to Sinkiang to begin negotiations for conclusion of agreement.”

Repeated Canton 16, Tihwa 11, pouched Shanghai.

  1. Military and Political Affairs Director for Northwest China; Governor of Sinkiang, 1946–47.
  2. Military and Political Affairs Director for Central China.