693.9431/8–1849: Telegram

The Consul General at Peiping (Clubb) to the Secretary of State

1380. ReDeptel 507, July 30. Communicated substance authorized information interested parties as directed.

Note San Yang Company has supplied office with copies document from Manchurian authorities authorizing them trade in Manchurian products, that direct contacts between two sides still unestablished. Consulate unable in existing circumstances determine ability San Yang meet contractual obligations which still non-existent excepting in barest outline. Believe that as indicated third paragraph Deptel 265, May 8, in principle details of commercial deals had best be worked out between concerned parties without intervention Consulates. Reftel July 30 states Department is prepared to suggest SCAP alternative means contact and negotiate. Consulate, of course, prepared endeavor clarify applicant’s status, or seriousness applicant’s offer, in any particular respect desired by SCAP for interested business contact Japan, but believe that in case San Yang matter had advanced sufficiently to warrant direct contact and negotiations with responsibility for commercial contracts to be that of two parties directly concerned.

Tokyo representative is Li Tse-min, General Manager Peiping office San Yang Company, address care Tajeoya Madaeutyo Made, Yamaman Products Company, Tokio-to, Daita-ku, Araijuku 2–1621.

San Yang now offers for export to Japan from either Yingkow or Tientsin products listed following telegram Peiping numbered series.94 Quantities unlimited. Various standard grades according demand. [Page 995] States can obtain documents from North China Trading Company similar type those obtained Northeast Export Company. Plans purchase articles Japan for import China with proceeds deal and desires negotiation on basis c.i.f. Yokohama and Tientsin prices respectively for exports and imports. Proposes ship by any means available.

Please instruct.

Sent Department, repeated US PolAd Tokyo.

  1. No. 1381, August 17; it reported products comprised soy beans and derivatives, peanuts, other beans, coarse salt, sheep and camel wool, animal bone, raw ginger, cow suet, magnesite, talc, soap stone powder, soda ash, coking and non-coking coal, pig iron and cotton seed brand (600.939/8–1749).