693.9431/6–449: Telegram

The Consul General at Peiping (Clubb) to the Secretary of State

937. ReDeptel 343, May 31. Memo on subject was handed Chang Tsung-ping yesterday enable him take up matter with Minister Industry Commerce today. Used following wording re channelization information.

“In view apparent destination the information re projected deal would normally, appropriately come from American Consulate General [Page 989] Mukden who would, of course, be in best position obtain and assess that information. That office, however, is being closed and may not be in position act in regard matter in point. The information may alternatively be given to this Consulate General for transmittal SCAP.”

ReDeptel 201 [20280], April 13, last paragraph. Believe that recent developments indicate more clearly than ever that Manchuria is progressively being brought more strictly under Soviet control, that whole area is being increasingly segregated from rest China, that administrative and trade relations between North China and Manchuria will probably be carried on only under unusual restrictions, that exports to Manchuria will largely be as desired and approved by Soviets and will assist tightening Soviet control over that area in varying degrees depending upon nature cargo, and that it is, therefore, highly desirable attempt channel bulk permitted exports to Communist areas North China rather than Manchuria. Prohibition all exports Manchuria, however, seems not desirable this stage when situation un-crystallized. This office hopes in near future be able expand this comment.

Sent Department; repeated Nanking 617. Off Emb Canton 146, Shanghai 625.

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