611.9331/8–749: Telegram

The Counselor of Embassy in China (Jones) to the Secretary of State

1734. Re Embtel 1727, August 6 (repeated Shanghai 949, Canton 720). Recommend VOA exploit opportunity offered by announcement trade agreement between USSR and “northeast people’s democratic government” to play up Chinese Commie policy subordination Chinese national interest to requirements Soviet expansionism. Believe broadcast treatment should highlight following points:

Conclusion of agreement between USSR and government portion of China appears another link in long chain of evidence indicating Chinese Commies acquiesce in Soviet ambitions sever Manchuria from China proper. Similar treaties preceded Soviet action detaching Mongolia from Chinese sovereignty. Similarity to pattern set by Japs in setting up independent “Manchoukuo” obvious.

[Page 958]

Chinese Commie commitment under agreement to ship foodstuffs to USSR shows callous disregard needs of own people in view famine conditions now threatening north and Central China.

Additionally, comment might be made on blatant hypocrisy Soviets in according de facto recognition Manchurian government while pretending maintain friendly relations with Nationalist Government.

Sent Department, repeated Embassy 727, Shanghai 954.