646G.9331/6–1549: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Douglas)

2405. Hong Kong despatch 170 June 1590 recently received indicates change in composition Hong Kong trade with Commie China which may be significant. Ships leaving there for Tientsin and Ying-kow June 3 carried in cargo tungsten wire, milliammeters, laboratory apparatus, ball bearings, tungsten carbide tips, and considerable quantities copper wire and copper ingots. Total of 7,535 copper ingots (of which 5,716 described as “Anaconda electrolytic”), 141 crates copper plates and 12 cases electric wire shipped Yingkow alone; 1,612 coils copper wire shipped Tientsin.

With reference recent talks Martin and Mclntyre91 in London re export controls China, you should call these shipments attention appropriate officials and point out dangers unsupervised trade of this kind. Relatively large shipment ingots disturbing. Department regards this as perfect example what might be expected develop in many other lines in absence any controls exports Far Eastern destinations.

You should not present this as suggestion shipments copper to Manchuria or China should be banned but merely as example dangers unrestricted trade subject no controls or end-use checks.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Francis B. McIntyre, Assistant Director of the Office of International Trade, Department of Commerce, participated with Mr. Martin in discussions at London with the British Government on imposition of trade controls on exports to China.