690.419/6–2549: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France (Bruce)

2390. For Martin and McIntyre from Gay. Dept concurs (London’s 2457 June 24) unwise approach Fr, Belg and Neth at present re China controls. Likewise prefer joint US–UK approach on conditions you indicate.

[Page 864]

London’s 2458 June 25,49 Dept and ECA agree preferable not discuss China controls continental countries through ECA channels but desire keep such discussions separate diplomatic sphere. Believed use ECA channels may result question becoming too deeply involved Eur matters and perhaps decided on basis purely Eur considerations, while greater solidarity interests western powers in China may offer more hope some measure of agreement if matter handled separately. Dept will therefore proceed on assumption such approaches continental countries will be made either here or in respective capitals through normal diplomatic channels. [Gay.]

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