893.515/1–849: Telegram

The Consul General at Shanghai (Cabot) to the Secretary of State

64. ConGen informed by dependable foreign source in Chinese Customs [that] Government recently shipped on customs vessels 3 large consignments gold bars; 1 from Shanghai to Keelung; 1 from Shanghai to Amoy and 1 from Kowloon to Amoy. First Shipment approximately 96 tons, second around 90 tons and third somewhat smaller. Last 2 shipments made this week.

Amoy may be only staging point en route Taiwan or may be under consideration as strong point until suitability Taiwan as seat of Government can be appraised more accurately. Shipment gold out of Canton area may be significant as pointing to lack intention move Government there. Roughly calculated aggregate value three gold shipments must be at least $200 million. All three shipments reported uninsured.

Sent Department 64, repeated Nanking 51, Canton 4, Hong Kong 6.