Dr. Kan Chieh-hou, Personal Representative of the Acting President of China, to the Secretary of State

My Dear Mr. Secretary: The Chinese Government has noted with gratitude your firm stand towards the communists in China. The statement of your Department65 to the effect that the United States Government will not take any action in regard to recognition of the communist regime until Congress is consulted, and your rejection of communist coercion by muzzling the American press as well as your attitude towards the Isbrandtsen Steamship Company66 have our heartfelt approval.

Herewith I quote to you a passage of a letter received from Mr. Truman in reply to mine of September 30, a copy of which had been sent to you with my previous letter: “Thanks very much for your letter of September thirtieth. I appreciate very much your interest in the matter referred to and I am glad you have discussed it with Mr. Rusk and Mr. Butterworth.”

In the meantime the situation in China has become most critical, as explained in my second letter to the President,67 a copy of which I [Page 724] enclose herewith, which will acquaint you with the latest developments in my country.

China is now called upon to decide whether she should make a last stand on the continent as a permanent bulwark against world communism or as a rearguard force fighting a dilatory war to give the rest of Asia, namely, Indo-China, Thailand, Burma and India time to prepare for their defence. Should the Chinese forces be withdrawn from the mainland of Asia, the communists will find themselves almost overnight face to face with weak, unprepared nations in the southwest of Asia. General Pai Chung-hsi’s troops now stand in the door-way to these countries. He is determined to fight to the last, but he has only one month’s food supply for his men and arms and ammunition are running short.

I cannot lay further emphasis to this desperate situation, which requires your immediate attention. I rely on you for the immediate use of the fund, placed at the disposal of the President.

With highest esteem [etc.]

Kan Chieh-hou
  1. Made on October 3 by Michael J. McDermott, Special Assistant to the Secretary of State for Press Relations, at a press and radio news conference.
  2. For correspondence on this subject, see pp. 1098 ff., passim.
  3. Supra.