893.50 Recovery/9–949

The Acting Secretary of State to the ECA Administrator (Hoffman)

Dear Mr. Hoffman: The Department of State is grateful for the comments contained in your letter of September 9 regarding the Chinese Government’s request for economic aid which was submitted on August 15. The Department is in agreement with the views expressed [Page 697] in your letter and believes that they represent a comprehensive treatment of the question in its economic aspects. We are still awaiting the comments of the Department of Defense on the Chinese requests for military aid.2

Consideration continues to be given to the political and strategic factors relating to Taiwan, and I hope that the Secretary or I will have an opportunity to discuss with you the future of ECA’s operations on that island as soon as there has been sufficient clarification of these aspects of the problem.

Sincerely yours,

James E. Webb
  1. For reply from the Secretary of Defense on October 14, see p. 551.