893.50 Recovery/1–1449: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Stuart)

55. Eyes only Ambassador, Clark, Merchant, Jones.51 Fol policy decisions unanimously confirmed at Cabinet meeting today which Mr. Hoffman also attended.

[Here follow policy decisions quoted verbatim supra.]

Sense of Cabinet meeting that 2 above may be interpreted to permit transfer to and distribution in Peiping and Tientsin of flour stocks in Tsingtao originally destined for Peiping and Tientsin, this transfer to be made when physically possible and only at request of ChiGovt at highest level. Further flour shipments have been suspended.

Pls convey sense of above eyes only Clubb,52 Smyth,53 Strong54 and Ludden55 and enjoin them utmost care to avoid any disclosure. Similar injunction contained in ECA telegram eyes only Lapham.

  1. J. Wesley Jones, Counselor of Embassy in China.
  2. O. Edmund Clubb, Consul General at Peiping.
  3. Robert L. Smyth, Consul General at Tientsin.
  4. Robert C. Strong, Consul at Tsingtao.
  5. Raymond P. Ludden, Consul General at Canton.