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Memorandum by Brigadier General Marshall S. Carter, Special Assistant to the Secretary of State, to the Executive Secretariat

At the off-the-record meeting of Congressional leaders with the President, the Vice President, and the Secretary at the White House [Page 486]on Saturday42 morning it was the unanimous opinion of the Congressional leaders that no action should be taken which would, in effect place an embargo or stoppage on continued shipments to China. They thought that if there were any way in which shipments could be delayed without formal action until the situation clarified, it should be done.

The President said that he would think the matter over and not make any decision until he had talked again with the Secretary. Until such time as this conversation is held and a Presidential decision is made, no action should be taken which would contravene the Congressional leaders’ unanimous view.

M[arshall] S. C[arter]
  1. February 5.