893.50 Recovery/1–2449: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Stuart)

87. ChiGovt purchased with funds available under $125 million grants following equipment from Dept Army: 1,000 BAR’s and [Page 478]spares; 5,000,000 rnds Cal–30 ammo, 7,250 shells 60 mm mortar. Material assembled West Coast will be shipped Formosa possibly via commercial vessel. Dept required issue export license above arms and ammo. Presidential decision in Cabinet meeting Jan 14 provides mil supplies under China Aid Act18 should be delivered insofar as possible accordance advice US mil authorities China. Emb requested therefore obtain Gen Barr19 recommendations re above shipment and submit soonest.

  1. Approved April 3, 1948; 62 Stat. 158.
  2. Maj. Gen. David G. Barr, Director, Joint United States Military Advisory Group (JUSMAG) in China.