894A.01/2–249: Telegram

The Consul General at Taipei (Krentz) to the Secretary of State

27. At Governor’s request with his wife as interpreter, had 2-hour conversation largely economic affairs, et cetera, but several significant remarks. Said “I will not allow a Communist or a coalition government or any other mainland government take over here; I will need your experience, help and that of US enable me do best for people’s welfare. Hope you can spare time frequent visits.[”] Said [“]if an autonomous people’s government can be built up, and I will try to [Page 279] build, I would be happy to assume role of private citizen. [”]Discussing Chiang,49 said [“]latter most despondent, under better times, other circumstances might resume leading role but not now as ‘not for the welfare of the people’. Taiwan must be seed bed for a new China; many good people have come here; they will be utilized; many bad, who will be rigidly controlled. Hu Shin50 has consented come here advise me.”

Conversation generously interlarded flattery or with oft-reiterated theme, “We need much advice and help from US. It is a shame we mismanaged US aid but I promise better results here.”

Said I probably had heard he was making many new appointments, that he had so contemplated but had changed mind as he found most present officers good men.

Chen’s wife highly intelligent. Believe highly influential. I suggest consult biographical data her background. Chen is most typically old school, she is not.

Sent Department 27; repeated Nanking 22.

  1. Generalissimo Chiang retired as President on January 21 in favor of Vice President Li Tsung-jen as Acting President.
  2. Former Chinese Ambassador to the United States and Chancellor of National Peking University.