894A.01/1–2649: Telegram

The Consul General at Shanghai ( Cabot ) to the Secretary of State

263. Joshua Liao, Formosan Re-emancipation League leader, (mytel 2449, November 17 to Department,41 repeated Nanking 1855) has again approached Consul General. Expressing concern over reported recent arrival Taiwan of American military equipment, Liao protested against further American aid serving to “facilitate oppression” Taiwanese by Central Government “SS troops” and voiced appeal that US assist or at least remain neutral toward “spontaneous” Taiwanese revolt which Liao professed to expect near future. Also stressed his hope following the revolt American army units in Formosa would assist in disarming Government forces.

Liao claimed natives well armed and trained and sure of success “this time”. Intimated that revolt would likely start upon fall of Nanking taking open underground form (sabotage and assassination) depending on revolutionaries’ strength. He implied he himself would prefer await establishment new Chinese Nationalist coalition government before making decision to launch revolt but that some of his associates were growing restive. He insisted that revolt will be neither anti-American nor Communist inspired.

Liao admitted knowledge Nationalists have 6 divisions in Formosa. View this admission and of other remarks, it is suspected that he may envisage “success” in terms less of military victory than of world dramatization of his people’s predicament which will gain attention and sympathy of UN.42

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Sent Nanking 202, repeated Department, Taipei 13, pouched Hong Kong.