893.01/11–1249: Telegram

The United States High Commissioner in Germany (McCloy) to the Secretary of State

3922. From Secretary. Amend eighth paragraph Paris telegram 4716 to Department,21 repeated London 813, Frankfort 130, to read as follows:

“In taking up China recognition question, Schuman touched briefly on vast and complex political problem which all three faced as major powers and members UN, and then outlined special problems facing France because of common boundary: Subparagraph a: Difficulty of France to recognize Chinese Government which did not control border territory; subparagraph b: Threat of Nationalist troops retreating into Indochina and subparagraph c: Indochinese problem itself involving hostilities in which France while perhaps appearing as defending her own special interests was also fighting communism and Communists. This problem would become acute when Chinese Communist forces made contact with Ho Chi Minh and France would need help, not military but political. Bao Dai was loyal partner and strengthening him offered only solution, therefore Schuman asked that US and UK approach Bao Dai directly and inform him that they approved of association between him and France and of common policies being worked out. Schuman did not ask for recognition of Vietnam, realizing that this could not be expected until after ratification Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia Agreements by French Parliament.”

Rewrite last sentence next paragraph as follows:

“On Indochina I told Schuman we felt that French were on right track with Bao Dai (although perhaps not moving as fast as desirable) and we wanted to be as helpful as possible. I said we would consider [Page 191]sympathetically any specific proposals French cared to make although basically we felt that primary task was French.”

Sent Department 3922; repeated London 253, Paris 294. [Acheson.]

  1. i.e., paragraph following bracketed note in telegram No. 4736, supra.