893.01/11–449: Telegram

The Chargé in the Philippines (Hester) to the Secretary of State

2538. Manila Times October 30 and Evening News November 1 carried stories to effect President Quirino October 29 revealed Chinese Government had requested Philippine Government permit entry Chinese refugees and that persons seeking haven would include ranking officials and financiers. Under Secretary Neri,82 November 4, informed Embassy officer this report incorrect and result of misunderstanding of remarks made by President Quirino in October 26 speech before Cebu Chinese Chamber Commerce (Embtel 2436, October 2083). Neri added Philippine Government had received informal request permit entry some Chinese financiers who desired survey local investment possibilities but that consideration their request had been shelved.

Passing from discussion question possible admission Chinese refugees to that of recognition Chinese Communist regime, Neri reaffirmed that Philippine Government stands by policy common-front. Indeed, he said, Philippines may well decide on policy non-recognition. Incidentally, Embassy believes Papal Delegate Egidio Vagnozi is exerting his influence here against recognition; in conversation with Ambassador November 2, he voiced opinion effects present [presence?] Chinese Commie Embassy could be absorbed without undue danger in Washington or London but that its influence would be dangerous in country like Philippines which contains substantial Chinese population. He added he accordingly felt it important Philippines should not recognize Chinese Communist regime.

  1. Felino Neri, Philippine Under Secretary for Foreign Affairs.
  2. Not printed.