893.01/11–449: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Bruce) to the Secretary of State

4598. Baeyens77 informs us meeting held November 1 interested division chiefs, Foreign Office and in Overseas France, Pignon,78 Meyrier (French Ambassador to Nanking) to discuss British memo regarding recognition Chinese Government (Depintel November 2, 1 a. m.79 received Paris November 4, 6 a. m.).

Baeyens stated while meeting accepted inevitability of recognizing Communist Government, favored postponement as long as possible, amongst other major reasons because of effect recognition on Indochina situation. French believe if British recognize now, Belgium, Holland, India and Pakistan (but not necessarily Australia and New Zealand) will probably follow suit immediately, “leaving rest of us out on limb if we persist delaying”. In belief US thinking on undesirability early recognition similar to French, and in view greater possibilities US influencing UK, meeting recommended Foreign Office request Department take parallel action French in endeavoring “to slow down British”.

Said minutes meeting in hands interested Ministries since yesterday but no decision on recommendation had as yet been made.

Sent Department 4598, repeated London 792.

  1. Jacques Baeyens, Head of the Asia-Oceania Section of the French Foreign Office.
  2. Leon M. Pignon, French High Commissioner in Indochina.
  3. Not printed.